Pepa Ivanova

Born in 1984, lives and works in Brussels.

Pepa Ivanova has a multidisciplinary, multi-sensory art practice based on excellent scientific knowledge. Her tools are sound recordings, digital design and processing. Light is at the centre of her preoccupations; she captures it thanks to what we could call visual field recordings. Her works come in different forms such as concerts, performances, and images. Each work has a poetic resonance while ascribing to technological habits. Urban or rural interventions lie at the heart of this observational practice, filled with stories and soundscapes, wonder and precision. Facts are transformed into experience.

Texte : Caroline Hancock


01.01.19 – 28.02.19

Antwerp Cross Residency,
in Clermont-Ferrand
in partnership with AAIR

Cross-residency in partnership with AAIR, Antwerpen, Belgium.

01.10.19 – 30.11.19

Antwerp Cross Residency,
in Antwerp
in partnership with AAIR