Antoine Dochniak

Born in 1997, lives and works in Lyon, France.

Antoine Dochniak’s sculptures are hybrid and enigmatic objects. They appear to be beings as much as environments, creatures as much as instruments or even real research laboratories - from which we cannot distinguish who generated the other, both being linked in loops of tangled and complex existences. The artist's installations bring into play the precarious balance which tilts beings towards the side of predation or prey, constructions towards the side of protection or hindrance, plants towards the side of remedy or poison. Antoine Dochniak constantly combines contrasting materials, drawn from archaeology, botany, industry or the aesthetics of science fiction, giving birth to narrative sculptures which propose to abolish the artificial borders between the natural and the cultural.


02.09.23 – 01.11.23

Reykjavík Cross Residency,
in Reykjavík
in partnership with Nýló, Ambassade de France in Iceland, Alliance Française of Reykjavík and SÍM residency.

For his residency in Iceland, Antoine Dochniak intends to let himself be symbolically guided by the fireflies so dear to Pasolini, opposing their weak but insistent luminosity to the dazzling spotlights of the city. He thus intends to walk between the urban landscapes and the plains populated by humans and non-humans, visible and invisible beings, natural and supernatural forces, but also controversial industries such as aluminum production, strongly established in Iceland.