Emmy Ols

Born in 1985, lives and works in Clermont-Ferrand.

After graduating in 2018, Emmy Ols co-founded the non-profit organization ‘Somme Toute’, a studio and artist-run exhibition space, together with 13 other artists, whose objective is to promote young contemporary creation. In her work, Emmy questions representation and address. While appropriating codes and clichés, she tries to involve spectators and invites them to participate, reformulate, and complete the meaning of what they are hearing or looking at, to grasp the space beyond the frame. Emmy doesn’t create ‘real’ objects but ghosts, little ‘tricksters’ that substitute what might be seen as real or true. If she has understood one thing, it’s that we perceive the world through constructed images – that is, through fiction – and that we are all Homo-Pictors.


26.08.19 – 05.10.19

Porto Cross Residency,
in Porto
in partnership with Maus Hábitos and Saco Azul

Cross-residency in partnership with Saco Azul and Maus Habitos, Porto, Portugal.



03.10.19 – 03.11.19

Porto Cross Residency,
in Porto
in partnership with Maus Hábitos and Saco Azul

In collaboration with Emmy Ols.

Dois espaços, tempos vários: quantas pessoas?

Mitt4 is a website,
a fictional character,
a conversation,
a means of transport in which two young women met and recognized each other. Inside this self-reflective rhizomatic world, Rita and Emmy are residents for a minimum of one year. Whether they work by analogy or by intuition, the two artists enjoy creating a playground where a new, intangible heritage arises: an explosive way of decompartmentalizing language and highlighting its capacities of metamorphosis and permanent movement. Mitt4 is an invitation to drift, a delicious initiation.